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Love Around the Neck Is More Than Just Great Jewelry

What started out as handcrafted semi-precious jewelry created for women to proudly keep their dearest nearest-- has grown into so much more...

Fashion has always been what keeps us shoppers busy. Now there's so many different sites vying for your attention and business but few that will offer you the personal, hand on service LATN will aim to deliver.

From suggestions to advice to current trends to look for, LATN will keep you as updated as possible.

Everything from hand crafted jewelry, semi-precious stones, sterling silver pieces and more. Such talented and current designers such as Jessica Elliot, Only Tatiana, Safia Day, Maya Brenner, J Fisher, and the newest to the scene-Sacred Star! Plus, some beautiful vintage pieces, hand crafted with a modern day twist.

Yummy and functional genuine leather handbags from designers like Carla Mancini, Tammi Lyn, Eyes of Ruth and Rosanna Nichole. Handbags are more and more becoming as important as the outfits we wear. Whether you call it your handbag, purse, pocketbook, shoulder bag, satchel or clutch - it's with you wherever you go and it should be and feel more like an appendage- than a burden.

LATN has been supplying the entertainment industry for over 15 years. From T.V. shows like Friends, Will and Grace, Melrose Place & 90210 to more recent shows as Entourage, Hero's, CSI, American Idol... all of which has helped launch the beginning of a business and turned a past time into a career.

Celebrities such as Paula Abdul, Jennie Garth, Brittney Spears, Vanna White, have become trend setters in their own way and have purchased many of the designers available at Love Around The Neck. LATN is ever evolving and updating itself with the latest and greatest.

Welcome and Enjoy!

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